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42.3 percent girls), and for the lowest IQ boys also outnumber girls, by 188 to 133 (or 58.6 percent boys vs. Little appears to have changed in the cognitive profile of men and women since prewar Scotland.Those with IQs above 140 or below 70 are still very much the exception.

To give just one example, here is what a group of Scottish psychologists found in 2002 when they analyzed the results of IQ tests given to nearly all 11-year-olds in Scotland in 1932.

This study, one of the most comprehensive in the literature, shows that for the highest IQ score of 140, boys outnumbered girls 277 to 203 (or 57.7 percent boys vs.

Only children who score in the 90th percentile or above can enter the programs.

This approach leaves little room for parental lobbying. As the Times reports (and disgruntled mothers of boys say on websites like Urban Baby ), the test is “more verbal than other tests” and it plays to girls’ strengths.

But as Terry Neu, an expert on gifted boys, told me, sitting still for an extended period of time is not one of them.

The capacity to remain seated for a long test does not reliably measure brilliance, but requiring pre-K children to do it is a sure way of securing more places for girls than boys in a gifted program.But on standardized intelligence tests, more males than females get off-the-chart test scores—in both directions.The greater variance of males on intelligence tests is one of the best-established findings in psychometric literature.The developing gender gap in the gifted programs of New York City does not signal that girls are smarter than boys.Rather, it exemplifies how well-intentioned government officials and educators can disregard boys’ needs and abilities and unwittingly adopt policies detrimental to boys’ well-being.It is a small part of the long story of how American boys across the ability spectrum and in all age groups have become second-class citizens in the nation’s schools.Christina Hoff Sommers is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.They can be male or female, but males have a statistically significant edge at both extremes.How did things get turned around with New York City’s kindergarteners?One education expert has quipped that if current trends continue, the last male will graduate from college in 2068.A recent story in the New York Times carried more bad news for boys.


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