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Higher level students can simply write their own version without help. Short videos are powerful and if well chosen can really get students writing in a reflective manner. Ask students to write in their journal – If I won a million dollars I would ……Here’s a very simple example – He’s got the whole world in his hands He’s got ___________ and ___________ In his hands. CP / F Students can watch a short “How to” video that describes a process. This is a much better way to “prompt” writing than simple script!

Especially nowadays when students don’t have long attention spans and are more and more “digital” and visual learners.Where appropriate, I’ve linked to some resources that compliment the writing activity as described. Make sure to use attractive, stimulating and if possible “real” photos to prompt student writing.There are many ways to “spice” up the standard dictation. Students can describe a scene or they can describe a series of pictures from a slideshow.I’ve divided the activities into different categories.These are just for the sake of having some kind of organization.Writing allows communication, controlled and deliberate – POWERFUL, communication.So we have to get our students writing more and better. Below, find a rundown of what I consider the “standard” writing activities for any age group. Most are for any classroom, EFL / ESL or the regular classroom.Groups of students select a place and write up a report or a poster outlining why others should visit their city/country. They read and the other students listen and “guess” which picture is being described. CP Quiz/Provide students with a series of pictures which describe a story. Students write about each picture, numbering each piece of writing for each picture.Alternately, give students a postcard and have them write to another student in the classroom as if they were in that city/country. The teacher can guide lower level students like this Mr. After editing, the students cut up the pictures and make a storybook.Students can read the story and then write out the whole story, replacing the pictures with the correct text. – CP Select an article or OP Ed piece that students would find interesting or controversial.After reading and discussing, students can respond with a formal essay or piece of writing reflecting their opinion.


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