Blackberry Pr Case Study

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"We've just been singled out, because we're so successful around the world. It's used by business, it's used by leaders, it's used by celebrities, it's used by consumers, it's used by teenagers. "You know," he shrugged again, still grasping the Playbook with both hands, "just because of our success." "Is that sorted out now? "And you're confident that — we've got a lot of listeners and viewers in the Middle East and in India — you can confidently tell them that they're going to have no problems with being able to use their Black Berrys, and you being able to give them assurance that everything is, uhm, secure?

" As the question concluded, Lazaridis looked down. That's just not fair." Again, quieter: "That's just not fair." Then he looked up, his voice rising, "Sorry, it's not fair. Come on, this is a national security issue." He pointed to the camera and said, "Turn that off." Interview over.

At least 43 workers were injured after a fire broke out following a boiler blast in the refinery of Bharat Petroleum here this afternoon, officials said.

The incident took place at the public sector oil firm's plant on the Mahul Road in Chembur area of East Mumbai around 2.45 PM, they said.

Rubinstein takes out his Palm Pre and compares its card-based multi-tasking to the Play Book's.

Problem Solving Matrix - Blackberry Pr Case Study

Lazaridis, according to this source, appeared embarrassed.It represented a bold transition for the company, replacing its aging OS with one based on QNX, which it had acquired in 2010.With the declaration "amateur hour is over," it promised to bring enterprise-level functionality to what had previously been a consumer market.At the word "secure" he glanced off-camera, shook his head, and said, "So, it's over. Arguably, Lazaridis had a point, at least about the phrasing of the question.Interview's over." The PR voice said, "We're up on time." He looked back to his interviewer, still shaking his head. The interviewer wanted to ask about the Indian government's threat to shut down Black Berry operations in the country unless RIM provided surveillance access to Black Berry Messenger and email.Stout and gray-haired, glasses perched on his nose, and wearing a grey Black Berry polo shirt, Lazaridis pitched the tablet as delivering "an uncompromised experience in enterprise." He continued in the same vein, gamely batting away questions about the i Pad's dominance.Though not a terribly compelling presenter, Lazaridis delivered his bullet points competently, if somewhat disjointedly. "Can I move on to the problems you've had in terms of security," asked Cellan-Jones, "your various arguments with the Indian government and, uh, a number of governments in the Middle East. " At the word "security," Lazaridis briefly furrowed his brow. He blinked a half-dozen times, tightened and set his jaw, looked from the interviewer to the camera. An off-screen voice said, "I'm sorry, Rory" as Lazaridis shook his head, saying, "That's just not fair, Rory." As the off-screen PR voice asked if there was one more question, Lazaridis spoke up, his voice tight and deliberate.Asked when the new OS will appear in phones, he demurs, citing the need for a multi-core chipset.Backstage, according to a source who was present, Lazaridis is confronted by Jonathan Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm, Inc." "Because you said — you implied that we have a security problem. "Well, you have an issue..." Lazaridis again shook his head and looked down."No, we don't." He blinked slowly and shrugged his shoulders. And I think that we're doing our best to deal with the kind of expectations that we're under," Lazaridis said.


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