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is poised to prove to Hollywood that African-American narratives have the power to generate profits from all audiences.And, more important, that making movies about black lives is part of showing that they matter.When considering the folks who preemptively hate The history of black power and the movement that bore its name can be traced back to the summer of 1966.

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As is typical of the climate we’re in, signifies a threat to some is unsurprising.

A fictional African King with the technological war power to destroy you—or, worse, the wealth to buy your land—may not please someone who just wants to consume the latest Marvel chapter without deeper political consideration.

The world shows you that your possibilities are boundless.

Now, after a brief respite, you again have a President.

On display instead were crowns of a different sort—ascending head wraps made of various African fabrics.

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o wore her natural hair tightly wrapped above a resplendent bejeweled purple gown.

Men, including star Chadwick Boseman and Coogler, wore Afrocentric patterns and clothing, dashikis and boubous.

Co-star Daniel Kaluuya, an Oscar nominee for his star turn in , arrived wearing a kanzu, the formal tunic of his Ugandan ancestry.

It is also incredibly entertaining, filled with timely comedy, sharply choreographed action and gorgeously lit people of all colors.

“You have superhero films that are gritty dramas or action comedies,” director Ryan Coogler tells TIME.


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