Big City And Small Town Essay

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I find that often the reason for this is that they’re restricting themselves geographically.

Don't expect that kind of behavior in the city where everyone assumes you're an axe murderer.In a big city, you have so many chances to create a big network of contacts.Again, this goes back to my point about the plethora of jobs available.Crime doesn't disappear altogether, especially if your small town is on the outskirts of a large city, but there is a lot less of a chance that you'll be the victim of a crime.If you're not from Gonzales, Texas, then maybe you've never heard of Come and Take it days.Experts are also claiming that job growth is back in big cities.Again, this just means there are even more jobs for you to apply for.Climbing the career ladder is hard when you don’t know anybody.Finding work in a small town could be easy, but, your networking opportunities are limited.Think of places like New York and Miami with their large business districts.You see loads of big companies setting up shop in big and popular cities around the country.


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