Beauty Pageant Research Papers

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It affects many spheres of life: employment, work performance, global marketing, education, creativity and arts, even entertainment.

A bright example of the latter is beauty contests; despite their purely entertaining nature, they can be harmful or even dangerous in terms of setting inappropriate beauty standards, encouraging to evaluate people by their appearance, and affecting public opinion negatively.

Of my participants, 69 per cent have completed an undergraduate degree or diploma which is exactly the Canadian national average.

However 61 per centhope to one day complete a graduate degree and 19 per cent already have completed a graduate degree - a great difference compared to the less than one per cent of Canadians who have a graduate degree.

It will provide an informed source of information in the area of pageantry, a highly stigmatised activity.

Annora Bourgeault graduated from the U of R with an honours degree in psychology and a minor in anthropology.So I think that is a huge testament to the aspirations of the type of people that compete in pageantry which is completely contrary to how the media portrays them.Based on your research, what’s your message about those who choose to compete in beauty pageants? It’s not necessarily all about looking good in an evening gown. They’re educated and they want to help and that’s why they’re competing in this type of thing.Social Stereotyping and Self-Esteem of Miss America Pageant Contestants by Ebony F. Bowers MS, Springfield College, 2009 BS, Springfield College, 2004 Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Human Services Walden University October 2016 Abstract Miss America Pageant contestants (MAPCs) have been negatively stereotyped socially for their perceived lack of intelligence and nonconformance to feminist gender stereotypes of women… The honours psychology student is one of the few who has won a national beauty pageant.In her case, Bourgeault was crowned Miss World Canada 2014 and competed in the Miss World 2014.Bourgeault has used her experience to research the motivation of adult women in pageantry.Personally it was a way to grow as a person and develop so many skills.My public speaking skills, my confidence, they have all allowed me to grow to a more mature woman who is able to convey my opinions. The study will serve as a foundation for further research into pageantry motivation.So I used sport motivation as a basis for my research and I found that pageant contestants tend to operate more from autonomous and intrinsic motivation. That means they’re doing it for reasons of self development and they’re doing it out of their own volition and that someone else isn’t influencing their decision to do this.And I also found that autonomous and intrinsic motivation correlated with success rates, persistence and enjoyment.


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