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Results of this study show initial support for generalization of cognitive enhancement to academic skills in the classroom. This controlled study examined the impact of computerized attention training and computer assisted instruction on attention and academic performance in 77 inattentive first grade students.

Persistent attention problems were shown to be associated with poorer academic performance.

Participants were well matched on pretests and demographics.

Students in the Captain’s Log group scored significantly higher than both the controls and the Destination Reading group on reading outcomes measures.

The results of this study provide strong support for incorporating cognitive training into the school setting.

In this study, two computer-based training systems were employed to teach children with ADHD to be more attentive.All of the participants were identified as having learning-related delays that qualified them for academic support services.In this study, all of the participants made significant pre- to post improvements in visual and auditory working memory and in verbal encoding.The cause for the difference depending on primary language was unclear, but could have been linguistic challenges that the online environment presented or limits on opportunities to use computers in non-English-speaking environments.Overall, the study results, along with previous research, indicate that being able to skip, review, and change previous responses could be beneficial for younger children in elementary and middle school but have no influence on older students in high school and college.For the study, tests were given to students in grades 4-12 that assessed their understanding of energy through three testing systems.Instructors elected to administer either the paper-and-pencil test (PPT) or one of two computer-based tests (CBT) based on the availability of computers in their classrooms.Students who initially presented with greater attention difficulties (6 or more inattentive symptoms) showed the greatest potential for longer-term benefits from computerized attention training.Participants in the attention training group also showed significant gains in reading skills. (2010) to examine the effectiveness of two computer-based interventions for students with attention difficulties – the Captain’s Log system and Destination Reading.Seventy-seven first graders from five low-SES public schools in the southeastern United States were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: Captain’s Log (n=25), Destination Reading (n=27), and control (n=25).


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