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A homework ban means more time on social media and computer games, especially for those students who need to do additional schoolwork at home to be successful.'' -Joseph Adegboyega-Edun, Counselor (Grades 9-12) and Author ''Homework bans will only make my job more difficult.Students already come to college with the expectation that they don't have to purchase books (even when I show them how their grade directly correlates to not understanding the material in the text).Only when the desire to learn is genuine will the information truly sink in.

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This runs contrary to the importance of self-regulated learning, a concept replete in the educational and psychological literature.

It also sets them up for a terribly rude awakening if they want to succeed in college, a place where significant learning must happen outside the classroom.

The adage of having to study 2-3 hours for every hour you spend in class means homework.

By creating the idea that homework is 'banned' makes it, connotatively, a bad thing.

As more and more classes are offered online or in hybrid formats, the self-regulated learning and meta-cognitive skills built by doing homework are crucial to student success.'' -Troy Dvorak, Psychology Faculty, Minneapolis Community & Technical College * Submissions have been edited for clarity and/or length What do you think about homework bans? If your school has banned homework, you can use's courses to help your student learn on their own.

If you've been keeping up with the latest educational trends, you might have noticed that schools across the United States and Canada have increasingly begun banning homework.

''There's nothing worse than having to put in long hours after your workday is over.

This is how many kids feel when they come home from school having to complete hours of homework.

Whatever the reasons, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to these 'no homework' policies.

We find out why educators are both for and against these bans.


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