Authentic Dissertation Four Arrows

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Although he was indifferent to my Indian background, Mom usually tried to hide hers with make-up.

When I was six, she came to my first-grade classroom without it on to bring me the Roy Rogers lunch box.[2] She rushed into the class, set it down and quickly left. This event delayed my questions about my “Indian” identity and started my long distance running career.

Ideas on foundational ways to transform learning accordingly are also introduced.

Four Arrows (Wahinkpe Topa), aka Don Trent Jacobs, Ed.

After years of hypnosis work and experience as Director of a large school for adjudicated children, I decided to quit my “post-vention” career and focus on “prevention” with a doctorate in curriculum and instruction, specializing in Indigenous worldview.

Upon graduation, I was hired as director of the education program at Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where I fulfilled my Sun Dance vows and was made a relative of the Oglala People.One day I sat next to a former RAF pilot on a train in London.I told him I was about to sign up for officer training and flight school in the Marine Corps.My book, Primal Awareness: Survival, Transformation and Awakening with the Raramuri Shamans of Mexico, tells a transformational tale (Jacobs, 1998 ).The Rio Urique experience led to my training wild horses for the Bureau of Land Management, helping well-intended people who could not handle their adopted mustangs.Such life experiences and many others have brought me to some conclusions about personal and collective transformation. Each is merely a theory, as is all of purported knowledge.They are, however, based on my honest reflections and are triangulated with “scholarly research,” sober reasoning and a healthy dose of intuition.The reader likely knows about human-caused climate change, incessant war, increasing social/ecological injustices, rampant unhappiness, growing pollution, loss of biodiversity, etc.For those concerned with future generations, we must study these things carefully.With this in mind, I share here some experiences that have “authorized” my perspective in this paper. She was an artistic woman whose father committed suicide when she was young.His father, we suspect, may have escaped from the Trail of Tears and wound up in Joplin, Missouri. He was a craftsman who died of alcoholism early in his life.


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