Ati Nursing Q&A Critical Thinking S

Ati Nursing Q&A Critical Thinking S-40
” until they take the NCLEX and see just how challenging the nursing boards can be.As if the rigors faced during your nursing education weren’t enough, you then have to take your professional licensure exam. Whether you have completed an RN or LPN program, you still must pass your “boards” to practice as a nurse.

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Burn this into your brain for those exams when you are asked about priorities! You wouldn’t run to the computer store the first moment your computer didn’t turn on without doing some detective work, right?

Just like you don’t give your patient medication before you find out what’s really going on.

So passing the NCLEX on the first attempt is a huge priority Nursing school is a challenging experience.

Nursing student constantly question “why is nursing school so hard?

Notice here the difference between the planning stage and the implementation stage.

In the planning stage, you are simply forming the plan.The implementation stage is where you act on that specific plan.Similarly, when we take this back into nursing, this is where we implement our plan for our patient.” Some even lust about the possibility of finishing the exam at the 75 question mark so they can be done with the agony of the dreaded “nursing boards” as quickly as possible.No one wants to pay the 0 (and up) fee to take the test again.Let’s take a non-nursing example here to show you what we mean. The nursing diagnosis is developed by NANDA and should be prioritized based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.You wake up on Monday morning after a late night of studying for your nursing exam, and you know that you’re going to need an extra big cup of coffee. This diagnosis is key to the next step in the process: making a care plan.As the action portion of the process, this is where our plans are carried out.Implementation is the step where we finally intervene to help them, like physically giving drugs, educate, monitor, etc. And finally, we evaluate; the “E” in the ADPIE nursing process.Remember, assessments are always the first step in the process.Interventions should not be implemented, the fourth step, until an assessment has been done.


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