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In the United States, where an inventor must assign ownership of patent rights to his or her employer or another company, he or she signs an assignment document that can be recorded at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Thus, an assignment signed only by the inventor may not be effective in countries such as Great Britain and France.This document is often executed early in the pendency of the application and can control ownership rights of the U. Another concern addressed by the assignment document is the claim to priority.

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As a practice tip, practitioners should make sure all assignments are signed and dated before the PCT filing date and are signed by both the assignee and assignor.

If this cannot be done, or if the right to claim priority is at all uncertain, practitioners should file the PCT application in the name of the "person" who filed the priority application and provide any correction later.

A license is a grant (assignment) to the licensee of various licensed rights.

The situation can be further obscured by the fact that one can assign the licensed rights from one entity to another.

This advisory was prepared by Nutter's Intellectual Property practice.

For more information, please contact your Nutter attorney at 617.439.2000.Practitioners should also make sure that the assignment specifies the priority application(s) with particularity, includes an assignment of the right to claim priority, and make sure each signature is either witnessed or notarized.These measures should be taken to prevent complications in various jurisdictions, such as some countries in Europe.Written agreements discussing an employee’s obligation to patent assignment rights were insufficient to actually assign ownership in U. Despite the panel’s disagreements about the law, this case provides a reminder that it is important to obtain a present and not just a future promise to assign patent rights, e.g., “I hereby do assign” and not just “I will assign.” Of the three inventors on the ’788 patent, two of them had assigned their interests to Advanced Video, but the third, Vivian Hsiun, had declined. 5,781,788, a divided Federal Circuit panel has held. HTC Corp., Nos 2016-2309, 2016-2310, 2016-2311 (Fed. Jan 11, 2018) (precedential) (opinion by Judge Reyna, Judge O’Malley concurring and Judge Newman dissenting).Third, the employment agreement included a provision in which she agreed to “wave” claim to the Company” any claims of infringement of any patents that resulted “from any such application assigned hereunder to the company.” The Federal Circuit agreed with the district court that none of these provisions were sufficient to transfer Ms.Hsiun’s rights to Advanced Video, and affirmed its dismissal for lack of standing. First, the “will assign” language was a future and not a present assignment, and therefore could not create “an immediate assignment of Ms. Second, with a detour into California law of trusts, the court concluded that even if Ms.The patent had a complicated chain of title, being part of assets that were seized as part of a security agreement, sold back to another one of the co-inventors, who then assigned his ownership interest to a predecessor of Advanced Video.That predecessor filed the application for the ’788 patent with the USPTO, and prosecuted the patent application without Ms. applications, and foreign applications such as Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications. to the contract." (Emphasis added.) Thus, according to European law, which was highlighted in a Board of Appeals of the European Patent Office (EPO) on November 14, 2006, both the assignor and the assignee must sign the assignment document. In many parts of Europe, contract law requires that both parties sign for all conveyances. and European law, the assignment may not be sufficient in Europe—and errors cannot be fixed retroactively. and in a number of other countries consider a contract signed by the conveying party to be valid for this type of one-way conveyance, this is not true everywhere in Europe.


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