Artificial Heart Research Paper

How and why did this problematic technology continue to be developed for so long?I argue that desirability rather than the feasibility or practicality of artificial hearts drove the development of this technology.

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There were horrendous first cases in which this experimental technology failed miserably.

In one case, an artificial heart was implanted in a patient’s chest too small to allow surgeons to close.

But the history of artificial hearts is fraught with controversy, and its clinical realization was never certain.

The technological complexity of building viable artificial hearts was daunting.

Also, a cardiac pump is only suitable for use not longer than a few hours, while for the artificial heart the current record is 17 months.

This synthetic replacement for an organic mammalian heart (usually human), remains one of the long-sought goals of modern medicine.In other cases, patients battled infections, bleeding, strokes and device malfunction after their implants. Artificial heart research teams published their device challenges and setbacks in the medical literature.Journalists reported on various experimental devices that had been implanted in patients, often including color photographs from the operating room. Nonetheless, NIH continued to support multiple device approaches, bolstered by the confidence and optimism of researchers that a viable mechanical heart would be forthcoming.Variable characterizations of success sustained the hope that viable devices would be developed, despite discouraging patient results.It was an imperfect technology, but one that became ‘good enough’ in a medical culture shaped by aggressive surgical fixes and a reluctance to accept limits.A pacemaker the size of a nickel can now be implanted in patients, report experts.When a lower heart rate is present, the heart is unable to pump enough oxygen-rich blood to the body during normal ...Artificial hearts fit well with popular imaginings of rebuilt bodies.Since the 1960s, the media tantalized the public about the possibility of replacement technology, ranging from artificial kidneys to Dacron arteries to electronic bladder stimulators, and more. Who would not want a life-saving, off-the-shelf device fix for a loved one dying of heart failure?Artificial heart devices work to increase blood flow and to sustain life for end-stage heart failure patients.These devices may completely replace or assist the diseased native heart.


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