Arguments Against Capital Punishment Essay

Arguments Against Capital Punishment Essay-8
The proponents of the death penalty argue that confining criminals to prisons and rehabilitation centers involves expenditure of taxpayer’s money.The costs of death penalty are paltry compared with the enormous expenditure of public funds and the general impact of release of such people to the societies.

The deterrence theory is based on the understanding that criminals are deterred if the consequences of a crime outweigh the benefits.

Researchers claim that humans are basically aware of the differences between rights and wrong and as such the commission of crime is a free choice involving choices based on consequences of actions.

The proponents maintain that keeping criminals in prisons creates the possibility of escape from custody which means that the individuals could commit more crime.

The death penalty eliminates such possibilities of crime recurrence from the same perpetrator.

As such, the proponents argue that death penalty is an effective deterrence to criminals contemplating committing a capital offense.

These analysts argue hat the death penalty creates fear in the mind of potential offenders given the harsh punishment.

The theory of proportional punishment has elicited contradicting perspectives although the fundamental basis is that retribution is a rational approach which has the potential to deter criminal tendencies.

Retribution is generally a concept of justice and is different from revenge which is based on emotions of hatred.

The proponents of the death penalty argue that in general, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

One of the strongest arguments for the death penalty is based on the concept of deterrence of crime.


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