Argumentative Essay + Are We Too Dependent On Computer

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Taking advantage of everything the Internet has to offer should not be looked on negatively or used in the same terminology as a drug addiction.

Depending on the Internet is a choice based on convenience and practicality, not on need.

The Internet is a priceless tool for researching papers and reading the latest news. For example, instead of citing academic journals, some students print free essays off the web.

Technology causes students to be lazy with foreign language homework when they can use translators, finishing in half the time, with half the effort and none of the knowledge.

Be observant of how much you rely on technology to get through the day.

Providing 133,000 results in 0.26 seconds, Google reports that the name of the giraffe is Melman. By Tom Stankewicz The question of whether people are too dependent on the Internet automatically puts a negative connotation on the growing use of this convenient and practical resource.Rather than going to visit a famous landmark, we can just search for it on Google Maps.Who needs to discover the world when we have discovered the World Wide Web?If there is a better way, people would use that instead.Basically, the Internet combines many resources, which people would otherwise have to waste time and energy to peruse, but can now access at the click of a button.By Olivia Reed Getting into a heated debate over the name of the giraffe in “Madagascar” is not necessary.There is one quick way to find out: do a Google search.Advances in technology, such as the Google search engine, are great steps forward, but they can also make people lazy and less intelligent.People depend on technology to give answers, spell, notify them of things to do, and even wake them up.It is much faster than snail mail, saves paper and is more reliable.Maybe we are dependent on the Internet, but is that really such a bad thing?


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