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They claim that the protagonist does have a character presented.They claim that they know who the characters are and they know their motives, sometimes better than the characters know themselves.But, one thing is for sure, they all do agree that is very “dislocated”, as Little suggests, and “metaphoric” as Freeman states(Little, Freeman).

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and lastly, “Did Antony’s ships join Octavius because of Cleopatra’s orders or was someone else, possibly even Antony himself, to blame for Antony’s final betrayal?

” (Adelman) These questions are left unanswered for an open interpretation.

He says that Antony does have character that is demonstrated, but the relationship with Egypt throws it off.

He claims that Egypt is a place of “illusions, charms, enchantments, playing, dreaming, and acting” (Ornstein).

Another reader agrees with Adelman and her views of the ambiguity in the play.

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However, he places a reason for it that Adelman might be missing.Now, we know Adelman believes that there is no character demonstrated among the protagonist and this leaves us with the ambiguity of him.However, Freeman believes that “readings of [ Antony and Cleopatra] can be incomplete or imprecise” (Freeman).He comfortably states that Antony is “courageous, passionate and loyal”, especially when he deals with grief (Freeman).He must be reading very deeply into what Adelman missed, or he could be projecting these traits onto Antony and they aren’t really there.This work was very long and covered many topics of this play with detailed analysis and information about every possible aspect of Shakespeare’s play.A few pages of Adelman’s essay were devoted to the is simply an allegory, and a historical rendition; so clearly, the character of the protagonist is not important. She says that the same critics, who believe character of the protagonist is not important, are the same critics who try to analyze the play for emotions found and motivations (Adelman).She says, “We are left to speculate the meaning” (Adelman).Adelman truly does make some wonderful points about this play, and she has influenced many other academic writers and critical analyses of , however, a few of the scholars she has influenced go beyond her readings.Adelman tells us that not only does Antony lack these traits, but also he does not deal with grief at all in the play.That is one of the ambiguous points left to us to decipher (Adelman).


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