An Essay On The Material And Spiritual Universe

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Unlike modern theories of everything, which are resolutely materialist and hence unsatisfying, Poe's is ultimately mystical:"There was an epoch in the Night of Time, when a still-existent Being existed—one of an absolutely infinite number of similar Beings that people the absolutely infinite domains of the absolutely infinite space.It was not and is not in the power of this Being—any more than it is in your own—to extend, by actual increase, the joy of his Existence; but just as it is in your power to expand or to concentrate your pleasures (the absolute amount of happiness remaining always the same) so did and does a similar capability appertain to this Divine Being, who thus passes his Eternity in perpetual variation of Concentrated Self and almost Infinite Self-Diffusion.What you call The Universe is but his present expansive existence.” THIS stanza from “The Raven” was recommended by James Russell Lowell as an inscription upon the Baltimore monument […] Continue Reading Edgar Allan Poe Biography THE POETIC PRINCIPLE by Edgar Allan Poe IN speaking of the Poetic Principle, I have no design to be either thorough or profound. Willis THE ancient fable of two antagonistic spirits imprisoned in one body, equally powerful and having the complete mastery by turns-of one man, that is to say, inhabited by both a devil and an angel seems to have been realized, if all we hear is true, in […] Continue Reading Death of Edgar Allan Poe by N. Willis An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe Part 1 by Edgar Allan Poe An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe Part 1 An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe Part 2 An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe Part 3 EUREKA: A PROSE POEM. While discussing, very much at random, the essentiality of what we call Poetry, my principal purpose will be to cite for consideration, some few of those minor English or American poems which […] Continue Reading Edgar Allan Poe - The Poetic Principle DEATH OF EDGAR A. Just before he died in 1849, when he was only 40, he wrote a book-length work titled , she elaborates, "describes the origins of the universe in a single particle, from which 'radiated' the atoms of which all matter is made.Minute dissimilarities of size and distribution among these atoms meant that the effects of gravity caused them to accumulate as matter, forming the physical universe.Imagine what you might get if you toss Aristotle's does indeed evoke some modern scientific ideas, but in the same blurry way that Christian or Eastern theologies do.Here's an excerpt, in which Poe presents his theory of creation:"Let us now endeavor to conceive what Matter must be, when, or if, in its absolute extreme of . A diffusion from Unity, under the conditions, involves a tendency to return into Unity—a tendency ineradicable until satisfied.After a while without any new posts, we have an interesting article from Theodore Walker Jr.In his brief though incisive piece, he argues that, in Eureka, Poe’s success in anticipating future developments in Science is largely due to the ability of the natural philosophers of yore, and Poe’s, to see poetry in nature.


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