Alphabet Book Report

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Nouns in the for Bear vein are best, being easiest for beginners to decipher by looking at the accompanying picture.

If you are ready for a little action, however, Denise Fleming’s Alphabet under Construction is worth a look. Alphabet books constructed around a theme helpfully provide an extra clue for deciphering the words in question.

The first step toward reading is spotting letter shapes and giving them names.

Flashcards would get the job done, but where’s the fun?

From the images he crafted and the words he put on display, I could almost taste the tang and sugar of this great music.

Chrysalids Themes Essay - Alphabet Book Report

As the title suggests, Neil builds his book, available for at https:// Hitek Group LLC/thejazzalphabet, around the 26 letters of the alphabet, offering a two-page spread for a single music-maker for each letter.

I’m struck, in particular, by his depiction of Holiday — her bare shoulders and upper chest conveying a muscular openness, almost unprotectedness — contrasting with the way Neil has drawn her hands — out of proportion, large, nervous and weighty at the same time.

A final note: Neil does something — some magic beyond my ken — with the lettering he employs on the righthand pages that makes the words leap up into my face.

Thus, “R” is for Django Reinhardt (illustrated invitingly with smoke curling from the cigarette in his lips beneath a pencil-thin moustache as he plays his guitar), and “G” is for Dexter Gordon (a straight-head presence on the page, either just getting ready to play or just finishing).

On the lefthand page of each spread are a few sentences from Neil, such as his comment on Billie Holiday: , Joe Zawinul composed the title cut. I later learned that he was picked to participate the night before the recording session, and was asked to “bring music.” is in Neil’s images of these 26 jazz stalwarts.


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