Age Discrimination Essay

Age Discrimination Essay-42
This legislation aims to protect persons aged 40 persons or more from age discrimination.

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For many people, discrimination is an everyday reality.

The 2015 APA Stress in America Survey found that most Americans feel they have experienced some type of discrimination.

Discrimination is the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age or sexual orientation. Very young children quickly learn the difference between boys and girls, for instance.

But the values we place on different categories are learned – from our parents, our peers and the observations we make about how the world works.

Under SEC 614 of the ADEA Act, the EEOC can undertake appropriate studies or investigations to determine if companies comply to the ADEA legislation on cases such as involuntary retirement.

After completing its investigations, the EEOC reports its findings and any suitable legislative suggestions to Congress (EEOC, N. Employers must ensure that workplace conditions conform to the ADEA provisions, that is, no discriminatory actions should be taken against persons aged 40 years and above.

Besides, various expense reimbursements may be sought: attorney fees, witness fees, and any other expenses incurred in the search for justice.

Compensation and punitive measures may be undertaken when deliberate discrimination has been undertaken against a worker (Directgov, 2011).

Often, discrimination stems from fear and misunderstanding. According to the 2015 Stress in America Survey, people who say they have faced discrimination rate their stress levels higher, on average, than those who say they have not experienced discrimination. Chronic stress can lead to a wide variety of physical and mental health problems.

Indeed, perceived discrimination has been linked to issues including anxiety, depression, obesity, high blood pressure and substance abuse.


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