Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Television-Essay

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Television-Essay-36
But parents need to watch TV shows with them It is good for children TV provides good incite of what is to become of the future.TV allows us to be entertained and be able to know what is going on around the world with the news and other such programs.Supervised TV helps Seeing how children as well as characters behave in these shows helps children learn good behavior and manners.

Even prime time scripted programming, when age appropriate, introduces concepts that are complex and intellectually stimulating.

This can help shape a child's interest and make him more engaged in classes that deal with those specific topics.

When a parent is able to sit with a child and use these shows as a teaching tool, then children can benefit positively from the use of television. Of the new movies that are released each year, you can bet that several of them are based on books.

Parents can challenge kids to read a book with the promise of going to the theater or renting the movie when they finish it.

Only if we choose what is interesting and really worth seeing for us, we will profit from television in the best way.

lives and, its meaning and interpretations vary according to our individual circumstances (Silverstone 1) its addiction is non-productive.

I believe that television can have a positive influence on children, when the parents are involved.

There are several educational programs on television today, including Sesame Street and Super Why, that do teach children numbers, letters and other subjects.

Television is educational Television has many educational values.

Television channels such as the News, Weather, History, and Discovery channels offer educational programs.


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