A Short Essay On Criticism

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Doubt is our enemy, although being an indispensable part of our conscience.

We always find something that we can question, and often think: “Something is wrong here …” Indeed, who we are to doubt His plans? Throughout the world, the hierarchy and subordination are everywhere.

God is superior to everything and everyone mentioned above.

The same situation is in the gradation of flair – instinct – thought – reflection – reason. The Great chain of things is perfect, and each organism is vital for its existence.

Voltaire admired Pope and his writings and put Horace inferior to “An Essay on Man.” This is due to Voltaire that the first French translation of this work appeared under the title “Discours en vers sur l’homme” (1738).

Candide’s author considered it to be the most elevated didactic poem that has ever been written in any language.

Since the most ancient times, a man was interested in his place in this world.

His understanding of the world changed, and the boundaries of the subjective world expanded.

Ten sections written in heroic couplet are united under four epistles dedicated to Lord Bolingbroke.

Each of them concerns different topics: the sense of existence, God’s Providence, good vs. By and large, this is a fragmentary philosophical, political, ethical, but not religious poem.


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