A Hunger Artist Essay

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It is very difficult to satisfy our soul even though we seem happy.

The artist is absurd hero who symbolizes the true picture of modern world.

In this respect, the story projects tragedy of human life resembling with the blind fate of the hunger artist.

There are many parallels and differences between Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and "A Hunger Artist".

The artist feels bore to be captivated in the cage slowly and gradually however, he tries his best to entertain visitors.

A Hunger Artist Essay

In the story, Kafka describes people's reaction on an artist which can be generalized to everyone's life.

The main character is unsatisfied which is also the theme of modern world.

The hunger artist is really worried about his esteem and deeds which he could not accomplish though fasting for more than forty days so as to attract people's attention.

In his statement, it is clear that he suffers from the quest for identity.

No food could satisfy his hunger throughout his life so he dies hungrily.


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