A Good Man Is Hard To Find Thesis

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In the face of danger, all she thought about was saving herself.On the other hand, the criminal was preoccupied with killing people for his own satisfaction.The family is not convinced; rather, they insist that she stays home. The family stops by a place called The Tower to have lunch. The family sees a car approaching, and the passengers were three men.

On the other hand, total omniscience is demonstrated by a panoramic view of the third person narrator.

This allows the readers to thoroughly understand the story from the grandmother's perspective while getting a better understanding of the story from the non-involved narrator (Essortment).

The lines between protagonist and antagonist were blurred.

It is true that the grandmother is the main character of the story; it is also clear that The Misfit was the enemy.

There is also another conflict wherein the grandmother wants to go to Tennessee while the entire family wants to travel to Florida.

A Good Man Is Hard To Find Thesis

Meanwhile, the internal conflict occurs within the grandmother when she was faced with impending death in the presence of The Misfit.

Their experience brought them closer to God and restored their spirituality (Bernardo). Narration The narration of the story applies both limited omniscience and total omniscience (Essortment).

Style and Structure The narration is straight-forward. On one hand, limited omniscience allows the readers to understand the story from the point of view of the grandmother.

It has a rather innocent beginning, that which proceeds from a family road trip (Napierkowski).

However, early on, an escaped criminal is introduced in the story.


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