4 Problem Solving Steps

4 Problem Solving Steps-7
In this discussion you might lean more heavily on other students to ensure that the strategies and steps being offered by students seem to fit the definitions of the four steps provided on the activity guide.Discuss: Have students share what they wrote with a neighbor and then once again lead a discussion of the conversations they had.Step 3: Ask students to select one type of problem that they think they're really good at solving.

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Discuss: Students should silently record their ideas in writing for a couple minutes.

Afterwards invite them to share what they wrote with a neighbor and then finally bring the whole class together to develop a classwide list.

We solve problems all the time, but we don't often think about how we're solving problems.

Having a strategy or process to approach lots of different kinds of problems can make you a more thoughtful, creative, and successful problem solver.

I could say I have a problem for homework, a problem with my brother, and a problem with my car, and all three mean very different things.

On a sheet of paper I want you to brainstorm as many different kinds of problems as you can and be ready to share with the class.

Real World Problems: Try to guide students away from too many homework or subject-area type problems (e.g.

math problems, word problems, science problems, etc.) by saying you're more interested in real-life problems like solving disagreements, making big decisions, fixing or finding things, getting from one place to another, etc.

Record all the different kinds of problems students think of on the board or somewhere else that they'll be clearly visible.

Clearly we encounter problems in lots of different areas of our lives.


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