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The story proceeds in linear fashion, and no event occurs more than once, i.e.no two narrators speak "live" about the same event.

This point of view is often effective in giving a sense of closeness to the character.

First-person narration presents the narrative through the perspective of a particular character.

Skilled writers choose to skew narratives, in keeping with the narrator's character, to an arbitrary degree, from ever so slight to extreme. Lockwood is quite naive, of which fact he appears unaware, simultaneously rather pompous, and recounting a combination of stories, experiences, and servants' gossip.

As such, his character is an unintentionally very unreliable narrator, and serves mainly to mystify, confuse, and ultimately leave the events of Wuthering Heights open to a great range of interpretations.

A rare form of first person is the first person omniscient, in which the narrator is a character in the story, but also knows the thoughts and feelings of all the other characters. A reasonable explanation fitting the mechanics of the story's world is generally provided or inferred, unless its glaring absence is a major plot point.

Two notable examples are The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, where the narrator is Death, and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, where a young girl, having been killed, observes, from some post-mortem, extracorporeal viewpoint, her family struggling to cope with her disappearance.These can be distinguished as "first person major" or "first person minor" points of view.The narrator can be the protagonist (e.g., Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels), someone very close to him who is privy to his thoughts and actions (Dr.but it is limited to the narrator's experiences and awareness of the true state of affairs.In some stories, first-person narrators may relay dialogue with other characters or refer to information they heard from the other characters, in order to try to deliver a larger point of view.If only a few days have passed, the story could be related very differently than if the character was reflecting on events of the distant past. Are they just trying to clear up events for their own peace of mind? Or tell a good adventure tale to their beer-guzzling friends?The reason why a story is told will also affect how it is written.Specific events may further be colored or obscured by a narrator's background, since non-omniscient characters must by definition be laypersons and foreigners to some circles, and limitations such as poor eyesight and illiteracy may also leave important blanks.Another consideration is how much time has elapsed between when the character experienced the events of the story and when they decided to tell them.In some cases, the narrator may give or withhold information based on his own experience.Character weaknesses and faults, such as tardiness, cowardice, or vice, may leave the narrator unintentionally absent or unreliable for certain key events.


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